Class Descriptions

Group Overdrive – A challenging full body workout combining cardio with core and strength training. This class is never the same and exercises are modified throughout to accommodate the beginner, the fit and the extreme workout folks! Burn 400-600 calories in this 45-60 minute class.

AMPimage – (All out Morning Push) – A full body cross training workout for those who like to get their day started with a great cardio and strength workout. Early birds of all levels are welcome in this never the same class twice experience.

Cross Box – Intense conditioning that incorporates the both the elements of boxing and cross training into an intense cardio workout. Bags and target pads are used so gloves and wraps are required.

Intermediate Boxing – The class where you get to punch things! A predominantly upper body and intense cardio workout. Bags and target pads are used so gloves and wraps are required. (We suggest that beginners take at least one Cross Box class prior to taking this class in order to become acquainted with the moves and terminology)


Muay Tai – A more full body workout that blends punching and kicking to get your heart rate up, your aggressions out and your body strong and healthy. Bags and target pads are used so gloves and wraps imageare required.

For both the Intermediate Boxing, Cross Box and Muay Tai classes we highly recommend you purchase the following: Boxing Gloves: Get 16oz Pro-Style Training Gloves. Don’t buy lace up gloves. They are time consuming to get on and off. Buy the velcro type, also known as Hook and Loop. Avoid buying any gloves that are labeled for aerobics. You need real training gloves. Hand Wraps: We recommend the gel hand wraps, (like the pink pair in the picture to the right). If the budget is tight, then the standard hand wraps will do. Just make sure to get the long ones (170″ or greater)

Rumble – A unique cardio and strength workout utilizing power ropes. This workout burns fat, increases core and upper body strength, is easy on the joints and conditions the entire body.image

MMA Fitness – A fitness class that combines elements of boxing, kickboxing and wrestling. (Gloves required)

STRONG AND TONED Boot Camp – A Boot Camp style class that focuses on building lean muscle with strength building exercises and light weight training.

KIDS BOX – Boxing for boys and girls ages 8 to 18. Kids will be taught boxing skills and technique from an experienced boxing and martial arts instructor. Benefits of the class include self confidence, coordination, and discipline. Participants will attend two classes a week and will have an opportunity to show off their newly acquired skills once a month at a special recognition and promo gathering for family and friends.

ONE STEP AHEAD – This sports performance program is for male and female athletes ages 7-18 who are looking to excel in sports. One Step Ahead helps youth improve in the areas of power, speed, coordination, agility, and strength. The class will meets twice weekly. A special combine will be held twice a month to give athletes a chance to measure their progress.